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OwenBell Virtual Solutions can perform a variety of workloads to help lower your overhead employment costs. We put your money where it belongs; in your pocket. Our services are best for the small or large businesses and if you have a fluctuating work schedule. You only need to pay for the work assigned. You will no longer have to pay for an employee to sit at their desks during down time again or pay for snack break, lunch breaks, facebook break, socializing break vacation time, holiday time or sick time. Our Virtual Assistants work for you 365 days a year. It is also our mission to bring individuals back in the workforce by providing opportunities to work-from-home allowing you to maintain a work/life balance.
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  • No long term contracts
  • We help your business gain a competitive edge by providing valued services
  • We do not charge a high price as our competitors
  • We keep your profits in your pockets
  • You pay for the time only that we work on your project.
  • No more paying for socializing, hour long lunches or frequent trips to the washroom. Your employee’s 8 hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with a Virtual Assistant.
  • No need to pay a full time employee that only has part time work.
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We specialize in assisting:
  • Small Businesses
  • Self-employed Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches/Consultants
  • Independent Sales Reps
  • Freelancers
With Services such as
  • Customer Service
  • Six Sigma Projects
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • General Administrative Tasks
  • Project Management
  • Light Bookkeeping
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We have partnered with Arise to help keep Customer Service jobs in the U.S. and are currently recruiting individuals to work remote from home providing high quality customer service, technical support and sales services via phone, chat and/or email.

  • Working at home can be extremely comfortable, convenient and conducive to your lifestyle while allowing you to save money on gas, lunch and work clothing. But unfortunately, there are many Work-at-Home Opportunities that are not legit.

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